Suit alleging teacher discriminated against 'clock teen' tossed

NY Daily News 4 months ago

A federal judge in Texas said a MacArthur High School teacher did not discriminate against Muslim teen Ahmed Mohamed when she had him arrested for bringing what she thought was a bomb to school.

Ahmed was handcuffed and taken to jail in September 2015 after his teacher mistook his homemade alarm clock for an explosive. The teacher confiscated the item, but called police. Ahmed, 14 at the time, was arrested but released shortly after.

Ahmed Mohamed was arrested after a teacher thought his homemade alarm clock was a bomb. 

Ahmed's father, Mohamed Mohamed, filed a federal lawsuit against Irving Independent School District and the city of Irving claiming his son's rights were violated when he was wrongly detained.

According to the Daily Mail, which obtained legal documents, a judge dismissed the suit Thursday.

"Plaintiff does not allege any facts from which this court can reasonably infer that any IISD employee intenti, Ahmed Mohamednally discriminated against Ahmed Mohamed based on his race or religion," the ruling stated.

The judge also said the family was not entitled to any damages from the city or the school district because the suit had "absent allegations" and did not prove that the teacher intentionally accused Ahmed of having a bomb because of his race and religion.

A Texas high school teacher thought this homemade clock made by a Muslim teen was an explosive. 

In January, another lawsuit was tossed out when a state district judge dismissed Mohamed's claims against conservative commentator Glenn Beck and his network.

Mohamed filed the suit alleging that comments Beck made caused the public to view his son and family members as terrorists.

After the arrest of Ahmed and subsequent outcry, the family moved to Qatar.

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