Who are June and Leon on Gogglebox? Meet the Bernicoff couple, Leon and June from Liverpool – all you need to know

The Sun 5 months ago

GOGGLEBOX fans all have their favourite family on the popular show.

And for some it’s June and Leon – but who are they? Here’s what you need to know.

June, 78, and Leon, 80, met when June was 18 and the pair were at a dance at a teacher training college

Who are June and Leon?

June and Leon Bernicoff are based in Liverpool and have become fond favourites with Gogglebox viewers.

The loved-up duo have been together for over 60 years – and fans will be familiar with the couple’s feisty antics.

June, 78, and Leon, 80, met when June was 18 and the pair were at a dance at a teacher training college.

Apparently, it was love at first sight.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Leon explained that it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the couple – Leon’s Jewish family clashed with June’s catholic upbringing.

He added: “My parents in particular resented it.

“It was heartbreaking. We ended up having a very unromantic proposal. June was screaming at me saying, ‘Are you going to marry me or not?’ It was awful.”

But the national treasures have certainly proved any doubters wrong and their relationship has certainly stood the test of time.

How much do the Gogglebox families get paid?

A Gogglebox insider told The Sun Online that each of the families taking part are handed a monthly family allowance of £1,500.

The amount is then split amongst contributing family members at their own discretion.

The monthly wage comes with its own added perks and each of the families receives free takeaways to keep them going through each sitting.

How many hours of TV do the Gogglebox families watch?

In exchange for the £1,500 fee (and free food) each of the families are expected to commit to 12 hours of filming a week across two six-hour shifts.

That’s a lot of tele…

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