Ex-CIA director General David Petraeus warns Britain must prepare for war on cyber terror

The Sun 11 months ago

EX-CIA director General David Petraeus yesterday warned Britain must bolster its cyber defences to stop terror groups launching a devastating online attack.

He said fanatical groups such as ISIS were trying to find ways to hit the West in cyberspace — including hacking into national power networks to turn them off.

Ex-CIA director David Petraeus warns of the dangers of cyber terrorism

General Petraeus, in a speech to security think tank Rusi in London, said: “It would be catastrophic and yet I don’t know how you would deter that if they ever got that capability.

“You’ve clearly got to up the defensive game.”

“You have to go after them wherever they are. We cannot play whack a mole.

You have to whack all the moles, all the time, wherever they might be."

Cyber criminals - 'You have to go after them wherever they are'

He added: “‘It is clearly incumbent on social media platforms, it is clearly incumbent on internet service providers and others to take much greater steps to eliminate this.

"This is a generational struggle, this is not a fight of a decade or a few years."

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