The Teen Who Was Caught Stealing From An Uber Driver In A Viral Video Claims She’s Now Being Harassed

BuzzFeed News 10 months ago

Last week, a surveillance video of a woman stealing tip money from an Uber driver surfaced on Reddit. The video then went viral on YouTube.

Canales was soon identified by Daily Mail, among other outlets. The publication then found and published Instagram stories showing the teen mocking the publicity and outrage.


Canales told BuzzFeed News she immediately regretted her actions and she paid him back in tips that day. "I understand I'm completely wrong and I’m not denying it," she said.

Gabrielle Canales


Canales said she's been mocking the outrage because it was an incident that occurred over three months ago, and that she'd felt remorseful when it happened in August.

"I didn’t need this video to go viral to teach me a lesson. I learned the lesson that same day. Before the video went viral, the man was paid back."

"I apologize on the matter once again," she added.

selfies she took


"state real facts"

A lot of people said that her repayment of the stolen tip money was not enough to sway their judgment of her.


Her name continues to be dragged.

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BuzzFeed News could not reach the Uber driver for comment. To the driver — who Canales identified as a man named Mohammed — she would like to apologize directly. "I would just like to apologize once again because what I did was foolish and uncalled for."

"Everything you do in life will have a consequence, no matter how old it is," she said.

"I hope people understand that this isn’t my character and it was just a bad choice I made over the summer."

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