'The Simpsons' compares Kellyanne Conway to Joseph Goebbels

The Hill 10 months ago

"The Simpsons" compared White House adviser Kellyanne Conway to Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels during its episode Sunday night.

During the episode, Marge Simpson is elected the first female mayor of Springfield and her team is finding ways for her to boost her popularity when Marge’s adviser decides to use her husband Homer to improve her image.

“I’ll be the Kellyanne Conway of this thing!” the adviser says.

“Kellyanne Conway!” a woman in a focus group says. “I like how she always looks like she just woke up.”

“I think it’s inspiring how now a woman can be Joseph Goebbels,” another woman replies.

The entire focus groups nods their heads in agreement with the statement.

Joseph Goebbels was the Minister of Propaganda for the Nazi Party in Germany while the country was under Nazi rule. The department pushed Nazi party ideology before and during World War II.

Conway has been criticized for her defenses of President Trump and his administration, especially on media appearances.

Most recently, Conway defended Trump’s tweet calling Kim Jong Un “short and fat,” saying Trump only insulted the North Korean dictator because Un had “insulted him first.”

“I think that was the president just responding the way he does to somebody who insulted him first,” Conway said on ABC’s “This Week.”

"The Simpsons" hasn’t held back on its criticism of Trump — the show recently hit Trump for tossing paper towels to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico during a video updating the show’s efforts to fundraise for hurricane relief.

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