EastEnders legend June Brown will experience a wee and snail facial in new TV show about ways to look younger

The Sun 12 months ago

EASTENDERS legend June Brown will splash wee on her face and let snails crawl across her skin for a TV show.

The actress, 90, and eight other celebs will try various bizarre anti-ageing treatments for ITV’s 100 Years Younger in 21 Days.

Peed off . . . June may look much younger after the treatment

Happy Monday’s wildman Shaun Ryder, 55, is also going on the health retreat in Sardinia.

The cast members will aim to collectively shed 100 years off their looks.

A TV insider said: “It is one of ITV’s most bonkers shows yet.

Some of the techniques are absolutely out of this world, but luckily the celebrities have agreed to get stuck in.

Stalwart . . . June as Dot on the popular BBC soap

“They’ve already started filming and it’s proving to be a very interesting process.

“Viewers will see June as never before.”

The actress, who plays Dot Branning in the BBC soap, admitted in 2014 that she has smoked since the age of 16 and gets through 20 cigs a day.

The new show will follow ITV series Gone To Pot, which sees stars such as Pam St Clement, 75 — EastEnders’ Pat Butcher — on a US cannabis tour.

Tinkle on wrinkles

SNAIL facials usually involve three of the creatures crawling across the face for 20 minutes.

Their slime is believed to contain beneficial proteins, antioxidants and anti-bacterial qualities.

Urotherapy — known as wee facials — involve dabbing your own wee on your face.

The urea and uric acids are meant to exfoliate and help the body to absorb nutrients.

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