10 charged after LSU student dies following hazing ritual

USA Today 5 days ago

Ten men associated with a Louisiana State University fraternity were arrested Wednesday in connection with the hazing death of an 18-year-old pledge forced to drink massive amounts of alcohol. 

A police report released Wednesday said 18-year-old Maxwell Gruver was instructed by more senior members of LSU's Phi Delta Theta to repeatedly chug 190-proof Diesel liquor while answering questions about the fraternity. It happened during a hazing ritual called Bible Study, during which pledges are quizzed on fraternity facts.

The incident caused Gruver, of Roswell, Georgia, to inhale his own vomit and other fluids into his lungs, killing him. Gruver's blood-alcohol level was .495, more than six times the state's legal driving limit, when he died.

The 10 men arrested face misdemeanor hazing charges. Another man

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