Orthodox Jew leads double life hosting wild East Village sex parties: wife

New York Post 2 months ago

Avraham Adler is not a mensch.

The 33-year-old, who is accused by outraged neighbors and his landlord of hosting sex parties in his East Village apartment, is leading a “double or triple life” as an ultra-Orthodox Jew with a pregnant wife and three kids in suburban New Jersey.

“I want a divorce,” an angry Shana Adler told The Post Thursday outside the couple’s modest three-bedroom home in Clifton, New Jersey. “He is not supporting us whatsoever. He’s cut us off completely. My friends are paying our bills.”

Shana Adler said she doesn’t know what her husband is up to in the four-story townhouse at 189 East 7th St., where the allegedly randy tenant has been charging $60 a pop for sex-filled soirees featuring spankings and group foreplay, according to a lawsuit against him.

His wife claims his multiple “girlfriends” call her and “feel bad about the double life they’re leading.”

The wife found out about gal pals “Nicole” and “Alexa” a “few months” ago and then kicked Avraham out of their Jersey digs “for a lot of things I don’t want in the paper.”

The former Shana Berman said she met Adler through friends. They married in 2011. She declined to fill in the blanks about their road to ruin.

Avraham Adler’s alleged behavior belies his claim to a Post reporter of being a “deep man of faith.”

He is a former student from Yeshiva Gedola of Passaic. The Adlers worshiped at “multiple congregations” in New Jersey, his wife said. Avraham once told a newspaper he’s so religious that he wouldn’t carry his car keys on the Sabbath.

He’s no holy man, said a Manhattan neighbor who slammed Adler as “a stain.”

Adler blocks a fire hydrant with his car and brings cops to the East 7th Street building “a few times a week” because of his parties and girlfriend disputes, the neighbor fumed.

The NYPD said it has gotten “a pretty significant number of calls” for 189 East 7th St. since April 1.

Adler admitted he parks in front of the hydrant, snarking, “If I pay the fees [fines], why is it anybody’s problem?”

He denies he’s breaking his marriage vows or shunning his religion. “I’m going through a separation and possibly a divorce,” he said outside the apartment Thursday.

A video obtained by The Post shows Adler raging at Nicole, who is holding her luggage and bags, in the vestibule of a building.

Adler claims he doesn’t date Nicole or Alexa.

On Friday, a Manhattan Supreme Court justice ordered Adler to stop the parties.

Back in the burbs, Shana Adler wasn’t wearing her wedding ring Thursday. “You couldn’t pay me to wear it,” she seethed. “You got any good pawn shops to recommend?”

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