This College Student Has Been Hilariously Trolling His Friends With A "Seinfeld" Door Sensor

BuzzFeed News 9 months ago

Evan Genuise, 18, is a freshman at Northern Arizona University where he's pursuing electrical engineering and computer science.

Layne DuBois

About a month ago, Genuise came across a YouTube tutorial from user Chloe Alix demonstrating how to install a motion sensor that triggers the Seinfeld theme/riff. "As soon as I saw the video I wanted to make one," he said.

Layne DuBois

Last week, after successfully rigging it on his dorm door, he filmed his friend walking in and captured his priceless reaction.

Genuise has been trolling his friends and visitors since. He said he plans to keep the sensor on his door "forever — This shit is hilarious."

@earth2evn / Twitter / Via Twitter: @earth2evn

People online have hilariously imagined this exact plan playing out over the next four years of their college years, and how annoyed his friends will become.

It's Seinfeld, IRL.

The sensor has inspired evil-genius, troll-y friends everywhere. "I want one with a proximity sensor that says SOME whe somebody's outside and then - BODY ONCE TOLD ME once they open the door."

"I would do this, but with the background crowd cheering loudly."

"Now just grease the floor so people come sliding in like Kramer."

People got very imaginative. "Imagine walking in on ur bf/gf cheating and hearing the Seinfeld bass line."

As far as using your education and powers for good and evil, the bar has been set quite high, according to Twitter.

Genuise said he's glad others are now inspired to learn about electronics while having fun. He said he was greatly inspired to explore and experiment with gadgets by his late friend Stephen Foster, who died in a car crash two years ago.

Stephen Foster

BuzzFeed News has also reached out to YouTube instructor Chloe Alix for reaction to this IRL application of their mastermind creation.

Look what you've done, Chloe Alix.

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