Brexit fury: Dominic Cummings insist UK will leave with no deal if EU blocks Boris' plan

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He issued the warning to Government officials, emphasising that Mr Johnson would not follow ex-Prime Minister Theresa May’s ill-fated decision to delay Brexit. He said: “Next week we are going to know how things turn out. If the EU says no then we are not going to do what the last lot did and change our negotiating position.

“If we don’t get anything next week, we are gone.”

According to The Times, Mr Johnson reaffirmed that he would not seek an extension to the UK’s exit from the EU.

This in spite of the fact Government lawyers told him they would send a letter requesting the delay on the UK’s behalf.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Johnson said: “New deal or no deal — but no delay.”

Brexit news: Dominic Cummings insist UK will leave with no deal if EU blocks Boris' plan
He issued the warning to Government officials

A source warned: “The Government is not prevented by the act from doing other things that cause no delay, including other communications.”

Social media users reacted with joyous outbursts following Mr Johnson’s remarks.

One said: “Get us the hell out ASAP.

“We've been waiting for years.”

Boris Johnson insisted the UK would leave regardless on October 31

Another added: “We are as ready as we’ll ever be! We need to #GetBrexitDone, no delay.

“The Remoaners need to put the country, not their own preferences, first.”

One wrote: “Boris...every Brexiteer hopes you are not bluffing. Just get us out whatever. I hope I'm speaking for us all...whatever happens after...if you keep to the 31st Oct we will support you.”

A fourth wrote: “Remainers want to keep the UK shackled to a foreign power, taking orders from its courts & surrendering to its demands! Conservatives always vote for freedom, project fear did not work! #LeaveOct31 no ifs, no buts, no #SurrenderBill”

It comes as Lord Sumption backed up the court’s position on asking for an extension

Another added: “27 days to go Boris, no retreat, no surrender, take us out! #Brexit.”

One more insisted: “Brexit is the will of the People.”

It comes as Lord Sumption backed up the court’s position on asking for an extension.

The medieval historian, who retired in December, voted Remain but also deemed Boris Johnson’s propagation of Parliament to be legal.

How Brexit unfolded

He made the comments to Kirsty Wark on BBC Newsnight.

Asked about the Government’s plans to bypass the Benn bill, he declared: “Well we don’t know that.”

“There’s an awful lot of bluff going on.”

The UK is expected to leave the UK on October 31. 

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