Varney: Ignore the elitists. Everyday Americans will stick with Trump.

Fox News 2 months ago

Fox Business host Stuart Varney praised President Trump's accomplishments on his latest episode of Fox Nation's "My Take," and slammed "elitists" for "looking down" on Trump supporters while they attempt to "get rid of the president."

"Growing up in class-conscious England, I know what it was like to be looked down on, I really didn't like it," Varney recalled.

"I think Trump supporters feel the same way now. They are looked down on, written off, ignored, and they don't like it -- and that's why the Trump base remains solidly behind the president despite impeachment and a barrage of hatred from the media," he continued.

Some four in 10 voters have stuck with the president throughout his time in office, explained Varney, challenging the elites to "peer out from their ivory towers" to understand the issues that have faced everyday Americans in the last decade -- and he took aim at many of the Obama-era policies.

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"Well paid jobs went overseas, especially to China, ObamaCare helped create an army of part-time workers, opioids devastated communities -- which the elites will never visit, [and] millions of illegals challenged the native-born in the workplace."

"And if anybody objected, well, you're just a racist bigot ... or as Hillary put it, a deplorable," said Varney -- referring to the term used by Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign as a derogatory label for Trump supporters.

Contrasting Trump's successes to what he deemed President Barack Obama's failed policies, Varney praised the incumbent for producing a "flood of jobs."

"The lowest-paid workers are making the biggest wage gains, our economy is the top performer in the industrial world, and the open border is gradually, being closed. Middle America, working America, is doing well and gets the respect and attention of this president," Varney said.

Despite Trump's accomplishments, explained Varney, the elites are pushing to remove Trump from office and support his impeachment, because he doesn't "conform to presidential norms."

Varney also slammed the media for "writing the impeachment playbook," focusing on "Trump and how bad he is," instead of the "problems and concerns of everyday Americans."

"They are indeed ignored and dismissed," he said.

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