Girlfriend of teen escapee arrested by Nashville police

CNN 1 week ago

The 15-year-old girlfriend of a boy who escaped with three other teens from a Tennessee juvenile detention center has been arrested on suspicion of being an accessory after the fact of escape.

Her boyfriend, Decorrius Wright, 16, and 15-year-old Calvin Howse were recaptured Tuesday night.

Nashville police said the girl is accused of criminal responsibility for facilitation of a felony, accessory after the fact of escape, harboring, tampering with evidence and lying to police.

    Police said she "aided Wright's ability to remain at large between the time of Saturday night's escape from the Juvenile Justice Center and Wright's apprehension Tuesday night in Madison."

    Authorities are still searching for two other teens who escaped.

    One who remains at large has been added to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's most wanted list.

    Brandon Caruthers, 17, is being charged as an adult in an armed robbery case from August last year, police said.

    "He should be considered dangerous," a TBI flyer said.

    A reward up to $2,500 is being offered for information leading to his arrest, according to the bureau.

    Teens escaped through the front doors

    The arrests come hours after officials released security videos that showed the teens running undetected through the empty hallways of the facility and escaping through the front door.

    The videos released by the Davidson County Juvenile Court show the teens -- Wright, Howse, Morris Marsh and Caruthers -- as they make their way outside the Davidson County Juvenile Detention Center in downtown Nashville. Three were shown wearing bright yellow vests.

    The teens escaped the facility past the 9 p.m. usual bedtime when a staff supervisor left them cleaning an area inside the facility by themselves and went to a different floor to address a disturbance, the company managing the center said.

    They entered an elevator that had been left open by a staff member, according to a statement from Davidson County Juvenile Court.

    They were "able to convince a staff member to make a call to Master Control and request that the elevator be sent to the basement, which is an unsecured area youth are not permitted to access."

    02 nashville teen escapees security  video 1

    The footage appears to begin moments after they exited an elevator that connects the secured area of the facility to a public area in the basement.

    The teens are seen racing up the stairs to the main level of the facility. One of them briefly ran down the hallway away from the stairs before turning around to follow the others.

    The group, still wearing their vests, continues running on empty hallways before they go through the glass front doors and down the front steps of the building.

    03 nashville teen escapees security  video2

    Video from a camera outside the building shows one of them taking off his yellow vest and tossing it near the front entrance.

    05 nashville teen escapees security  video4

    Authorities had said it was more than likely the teens had some assistance once they were outside but no one else other than the teens appears on the surveillance footage.

    Youth Opportunity Investments, a private detention contractor which has managed the center since 2015, has fired three employees and suspended one for three days in reaction to the escape, the company said.

    Two are accused in murder cases

    Two of the teens were accused of murder in separate cases earlier this year.

    Wright is accused in the February death of Kyle Yorlets, police said. Yorlets was a Nashville musician who was shot and killed when a group of five minors robbed him of his wallet and he refused to hand over his keys.

      Marsh, 17, is accused in the April killing of Charles Easley, police have said.

      Howse was arrested in November on charges of gun possession and auto theft, police said.

      CNN's Steve Almasy and Natalie Anders contributed to this report.

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