Watch ‘Coffee Rat’ rush along NYC subway platform to join Pizza Rat in viral infamy

New York Post 2 days ago

Rats, they’re just like us!

A subway rodent got its afternoon caffeine fix Wednesday, according to Twitter footage that shows the creature rushing across a Brooklyn train platform with a large cup of joe between its teeth.

“Made my whole day!!” wrote Melissa Walker alongside the footage, which she said was taken at the Franklin Avenue 3 train stop.

The creature was immediately dubbed #coffeerat.

“Best part is, he’s bringing that coffee to the boss rat,” joked @mbillips.

@CTRailCommuters added: “Is he panhandling?”

Coffee Rat’s forebear, Pizza Rat, won New Yorkers’ hearts when it was was filmed carrying a full slice down the stairs of an East Village subway station in 2015.

It was later joined in viral infamy by Avocado RatPizza Raccoon and, of course, Nutella Squirrel.

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