TV Repair Shop Owners Making A Go Of It, Even As Technology Passes Them By

CBS Local 1 day ago

CHICAGO (CBS) — In this era of flat-screen televisions and Bluetooth audio, an old-fashioned electronics repair shop might seem out of place.

But as CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports, the elderly owners are hanging on–despite massive changes in technology and problems with their landlord.

You might call it truth in advertising here in Lake View. The repair shop here is indeed named 20th Century TV and Stereo Center.

“I have customers who are very happy that we are still here because we provide service not too many people provide anymore,” said co-owner Ursula Lewczuk.

The husband and wife team of Mitch and Ursula Lewczuk “work really hard, too many hours,” Ursula said.

The shop’s owners repair or re-sell VCRs, boom boxes, reel-to-reel tape recorders and other electronics–all from, well, the last century.

You might look around the store and see relics, old electronic equipment well past it expiration date. Mitch and Ursula say in the eyes of their customers it is valuable, functional and worth saving.

“A lady walked in and said, ‘Well you fixed the radio and 19 years ago,’’’ Mitch said. “And I said what happened? She said, ‘It’s still working.’’’

Now, nearly 50 years after Mitch opened the shop as a young immigrant from Poland, he and Ursula face eviction. The couple says pieces of the ceiling fell, making it unsafe.

The Lewczuks say the landlord won’t fix the damage, so they withheld two months’ rent. Now the landlord wants them out.

They’ve hired an attorney. It’s the latest challenge for an elderly couple– 81 and 78 years old–fighting to eke out a small living among aging devices.

CBS 2 reached out to the landlord’s management company. We have not received a return call.

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