Scientists create monthly birth control pill

USA Today 1 week ago
Birth control pills work great if women remember to take them every day but missing doses can mean a surprise pregnancy. Now scientists have figured out how to pack a month's supply into one capsule. (Dec. 4)

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Business Insider › Lifestyle › 1 week ago
A team of scientists developed a slow-release birth control pill that people only have to take once a month. The birth control pill delivers a steady stream of hormones to users. While the preliminary tests on pigs are a step in the right direction, it...
Telegraph › Lifestyle › 1 week ago
The first birth-control pill which can be taken just once a month will soon be trialled in humans, scientists have said.
The Boston Globe › 1 week ago
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say they are developing a monthly birth control pill.
Business Insider › Lifestyle › 2 months ago
Most of us have probably heard that the birth control pill can make us less interested in sex. Research suggests the pill may also make men less interested in sex with you. The periovulatory phase of your cycle (that window of time prior to ovulation...
New York Post › 1 week ago
The pill shrinks the part of the brain that controls your sex drive, according to new research. Top scientists found that women taking the contraceptive pill have a significantly smaller hypothalamus – a brain region responsible for regulating...
Daily Mail Online › Lifestyle › 1 week ago
Nearly 65 percent of women on birth control choose the pill in the US. Soon, they may only need to take it once a month, instead of dally, a new MIT study on a star-shaped capsule suggest.
Business Insider › Lifestyle › 16 hours ago
About 9% of people who take birth control pills will become pregnant each year. If you get pregnant while using hormonal birth control like the pill or an IUD, it is important to stop using it as soon as possible. If you stop it early enough you...
CNN › Lifestyle › 1 week ago
Scientists say they have made a breakthrough on developing a contraceptive pill that only needs to be take once a month.
CBS Local › Lifestyle › 1 week ago
Scientists say they have made a breakthrough on developing a contraceptive pill that only needs to be taken once a month.
The Sun › 3 weeks ago
THE PILL could be clouding women’s judgement and harming their relationships, experts warn. The contraceptive pill can affect a woman’s brain, a study suggests. While women on the Pill can tell if someone else is happy or scared, they’re 10 per...
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