Artist, 24, dedicates his life to the 1800s and only wears Victorian clothes while snubbing gadgets

The Sun 1 day ago

AN artist has let his obsession with the past go to his head and only wears Victorian clothes including a top hat.

Michael Koropisz, 24, gets funny looks by pretending to live in the 1800s and snubbing tech gadgets.

Michael Koropisz will only wear clothes from the 1800s[/caption]

Michael certainly stands out as he awaits his carriage at the bus stop with brother Bob[/caption]

Michael paints custom portraits in an older style[/caption]

He uses a quill to write, does not watch telly and only listens to music composed before 1900.

Michael, of Stockport, also cycled around on an old fashioned bike until it was nicked.

The professional portrait painter, who fills his house with antiques, said: “I have always been fascinated by the history that surrounds me – I have been dressing the way I do for as long as I can remember.

“My earliest memory is seeing a top hat for sale in the window of a shop and asking my mother to buy it for me.

“I dedicate my life to the era and have spent tens of thousands of pounds on clothing and furnishings – I don’t have a budget for my passion for history.

“My friends and family don’t share my interest and the way I choose to live my life, but that doesn’t matter to me.”

Michael, who attends opera in a private box, says his passion began in primary school.

Brother Bob, 20, said: “I played football instead but I like how he’s not afraid to be different.”

Michael’s earliest memory is asking his mother to buy him a top hat[/caption]

The artist prefers to buy expensive clothes to his style than clothes from the high street[/caption]

Michael has filled his home with antiques[/caption]

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