Why the Queen will never let 13 people sit down at her dinner table – and it’s not because she’s superstitious

The Sun 1 week ago

THE Queen is used to entertaining numerous guests at the palace, and she has a particular rule when organising the invite list. 

It is claimed that Her Majesty, 93, makes sure that she never has exactly 13 people in total when she has formal meal. 

The Queen tries to ensure that she never has 13 guests at her dinner table in case someone is superstitious [/caption]

Royal commentator Phil Dampier told Fabulous Digital: “She won’t let 13 people sit down at a dinner table, not because she is superstitious but in case guests are.”

Despite her not believing the old wives’ tale that 13 is an unlucky number, the monarch is said to have some supernatural beliefs.

Phil added: “She does believes in ghosts and has several lucky charms in her handbag.”

The Queen not only has strict rule of just having 13 people at the table, but there are a host of other traditions to follow when it comes to lavish State Banquets too. 

Preparations for a State Banquet can start a year in advance, it takes five days to set up

It takes five days to set the table for a state banquet at Buckingham Palace, but not even the Queen has a full set of matching cutlery.

The 2,000 silver-gilt knives, forks and spoons laid out for 150 guests are a mix of different pieces collected by George IV in the early 19th Century.

Each diner has a precise area of 45cm for their place setting, which includes six glasses — two for champagne, one for water, one each for red and white wine and one for port — and two discs of butter stamped with the Royal Crest.

The Queen hosted President Trump for a State Banquet in June[/caption]

Wine is served from Edwardian decanters with silver-gilt labels and guests get their own banquet book, including the menu — which is always in French — bound in the colours of the visiting country.

They typically enjoy a fish starter, a main course served on a silver-gilt plate, a dessert and fruit course served on Georgian and Victorian porcelain, plus petits fours made in the Palace’s kitchen.

A team of 76 pages, footmen, under-butlers and wine butlers work in teams of four from 19 service areas around the ballroom and use a traffic light system to ensure each plate is placed on the table at exactly the same time.

We shared how the Queen is served one random plate at state banquets to ensure no one has poisoned her food, royal documentary reveals.

And the Queen’s former personal chef reveals he would deliver the monarch’s menu in red-leather bound books each week with recipes written in French.

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