Just 15 Heartwarming Moments From Irma That Will Remind You Of The Good In Everyone

BuzzFeed News 13 months ago

Hurricane Irma has battered Florida and brought significant flooding to South Carolina. During this trying time, people are bringing joy to others in beautiful ways.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Here are a few moments that show just how sweet people have been amid the destruction of the storm.

1. This team of people, who rescued a stranded dolphin on the shore in Marco Island.

2. This super sweet paw-hand hold between Officer Kenneth Somma and his K-9 partner, Eddie. This photo was taken after they finished their shift during Irma, the Miami Herald reported.

5. This mom, who took the time to make sure that the littlest member of the family had the perfect indoor habitat while stuck inside.

Too sweet.

View this photo on Instagram
View this photo on Instagram

7. These deputies, who helped save two manatees after they were stranded in Sarasota Bay, according to NPR.

View this photo on Instagram
View this photo on Instagram

9. Two sisters, who are refugees from Syria, who cooked for displaced evacuees at a shelter in Alpharetta, Georgia.

10. This surprise visit from Fox Business Correspondent, Jeff Flock, to his mom in Englewood.

11. This mom from Owensville, Missouri, who donated more than a thousand ounces of excess breast milk she had.

12. Tim Tebow, who visited a special needs shelter, and spent this special time with a WWII veteran.

13. This woman, Kim LaFauci, who went into Irma's winds to rescue a baby peacock from the storm.

14. This volunteer, Dr. Jeremy Nix, who checked up on the health of animal evacuees.

15. A couple with the Air National Guard, who decided to skip their formal wedding plans and get married during their rescue efforts in Florida. “Service before self,” the groom told Fox News.

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