Ready for Thanksgiving? Make sure you do these 6 things before Thursday

USA Today 3 weeks ago

Thanksgiving is Thursday. We hope you're ready for all the gut-busting food — but more importantly, we hope you're planning ahead so that you and your family have an enjoyable day.

Between cooking up endless side dishes, making sure that the turkey isn't dry, steering the conversation away from tense affairs, and cleaning after your guests have left for the evening, there's just so much on your plate to tackle.

If you're not ready, we don't blame you. It's a hectic day. But never fear: We're here for you. Here are the resources you need to make this Thanksgiving a success! 

1.) Avoid holiday burnout with these easy hacks

Holiday burnout is more common than you may think. Between prepping the big feast, making sure your family behaves and trying not to burn the bird, you may be feeling overwhelmed.

2.) Be prepared to avoid kitchen disasters

If you're hosting your first Thanksgiving, this list is for you: helpful tips to avoid kitchen disasters.

3.) Know your holiday wine pairings

Every Thanksgiving dish — from the canned cranberry sauce to Grandma's special mac and cheese — needs a wine as a companion. 

4.) Brush up on Thanksgiving etiquette

The Thanksgiving dinner table is a prime breeding ground for tense conversations, especially when it comes to politics. Brush up on how to handle — and de-escalate — potentially stressful interactions with your guests.

5.) Get the latest on this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Here's what you need to know about this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, along with the new floats that are on display.

6.) Clean your oven

Don't fear the self-clean button on your oven. It might seem scary, at first, but your oven's done a lot of heavy lifting this Thanksgiving. Give it a good clean.

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