Outrage as man spotted brushing teeth on Tube platform before spitting it out

Evening Standard 2 weeks ago

London commuters were shocked when a passenger started brushing his teeth at Euston station this morning before spitting it out on the platform.

While he was waiting for the Tube, the man was caught on camera cleaning his teeth on the packed Northern line platform.

Fellow commuter, Melissa Thermidor shared her outrage when she posted pictures to Twitter.

The 37-year-old said: "Disgusting behaviour at Euston station this morning. Packed platform and this man starts brushing his teeth and spits repeatedly on the platform." 

Ms Thermidor later told the Metro that she spotted the man at around 9.45am on the Bank branch when she was travelling into London from Bushey. 

She said: "He was walking in front of me and I'd noticed he had a toothbrush in his mouth, but at first I thought that can't be a brush. It must be for show or something."

Noticing that he was actively brushing, she said she still had "faith in humanity" because she hoped he would either swallow the toothpaste or that maybe there was none in his mouth at all. 

The passenger spat out his toothpaste on the platform. (Melissa Thermidor)

But then he spat out his toothpaste onto the ground in front of everyone before boarding the next train, Ms Thermidor said. 

No one on the platform confronted the man, but several moved away from where he was standing, she added.

"It was absolutely disgusting," Ms Thermidor said. "This is peak rush hour. There were plenty of places for him to go somewhere else."

Melissa Thermidor shared her outrage when she posted pictures to Twitter. (Melissa Thermidor)

And the platform had been so packed, that Ms Thermidor, who is the social media lead for NHS Blood and Transplant, said she could not fit on the next carriage.

She added: "We don’t know his personal circumstances or whether there was a mental health issue there, but he was smirking a bit. 

"It felt like he was well aware of what he was doing. Almost like it was cool what he was doing."

Ms Thermidor also expressed worry towards the risk of germs spreading or people slipping on the platform. 

Her post prompted a stream of commenters who were equally shocked by his public teeth-brushing, labelling it as "anti-social" and "disgusting".

One user wrote: "Oh for god's sake! Why can't people just wake up three minutes earlier?"

Luisa Gottardo also said: "That is absolutely disgusting" while James Barley called it "disgusting and anti-social".

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