'Disgusting' train passenger brushes his teeth and spits it out on platform

Mirror Online 3 weeks ago

Relying on public transport to get around means you may need to lower your tolerance of being in close proximity to other humans.

Whether it's being wedged in-between two strangers closer than you've been with anyone for a while or trying not to cry when someone coughs without putting their hands over their mouth, some things just come hand-in-hand with taking trains.

But one man has pushed the patience of his fellow commuters to the limit by deciding to transform the train station platform into his personal bathroom.

A photo posted online shows a man happily brushing his teeth as he waits for the tube in London before spitting out the contents of his mouth onto the floor in front of him.

Melissa said he 'repeatedly' spat on the platform

Twitter user Melissa Therms uploaded the snap with the caption: "Disgusting behaviour at Euston station this morning.

"Packed platform and this man starts brushing his teeth and spits repeatedly on the platform."

The man appeared to be heading into work and Melissa admitted 'not a soul' confronted him over the behaviour before another replied: "British being British."

It wasn't just the people sharing a morning commute with him who were left disgusted, with many others sharing their shock in the replies.

One said: "Wtf?! He’s lucky it wasn't me on the platform as I probably would have vomited on him."

A second wrote: "Oh for god's sake! Why can't people just wake up 3 minutes earlier?"

Another replied: "He's glad he didn't run into someone like me cos I would've HAD to tell him about his dirty self!!"

Others took things one step further by tagging Transport for London to point out the 'anti-social' behaviour.

Mega sigh.

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