Podgy cat makes Tesco his second home so he can beg for crisps from shoppers

The Sun 1 month ago

LIFE’S just purr-fect for this podgy cat who has made a Tesco his second home so he can beg crisps from shoppers.

Spartacus, a nine-year-old black-and-white moggie, has piled on the pounds while spending his days at the store.

A podgy cat has made Tesco his second home to beg crisps from shoppers[/caption]

Moggie Spartacus’ owners have been sent snaps of him crossing the road to the shop

Nicknamed the Tesco Cat, he is often seen lying in the foyer in a bid to get shoppers to scratch his tummy or give him a treat.

His owner Nicola Macpherson, 33, a dietician, said: “He gets fed all sorts, even Pringles, and he is now overweight.”

Nicola, who lives around the corner from the Tesco Extra in Dunfermline, Fife, added: “He thinks Tesco is his home. All he has to do is jump over a fence to get there.

“He goes there for about 6am every day and returns home at around 10pm.”


Nicola believes Spartacus started straying when her son, Hamish, aged three-and-a-half, was born.

She said: “Hamish would love to play with him but Spartacus never wants to spend time with him.

“I think he must not like the attention being on Hamish.”

Spartacus came to live with Nicola and husband Finlay, 37, eight years ago.

Nicola said of her only pet’s wayward ways: “My husband and I have friends who go to the store and they always send us messages showing us what he is up to.

“I’ve had pictures of him at the zebra crossing and outside the store.

“But he has always been a funny character.

“He doesn’t seem to follow any rules, he just does what he wants.”

Spartacus is often seen in the foyer of the Dunfermline store[/caption]

The nine-year-old cat often gets treats from customers[/caption]

The wandering pet has also been getting a lot of scratches[/caption]

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