Tulsi Gabbard’s Only Billionaire Donor: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Forbes 3 weeks ago
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Jack Dorsey is Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard's only billionaire donor.

In general, billionaires haven’t been eager to support the campaign of Tulsi Gabbard, the Hawaii congresswoman running for president in 2020. But there is one exception: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The social media billionaire, who also contributed to the campaign committees of Andrew Yang and Jay Inslee, gave $5,600 to Gabbard’s campaign the day after she appeared onstage in the June Democratic debates, maxing out contribution limits for both primary and general elections. BuzzFeed first reported Dorsey’s contributions in July. Forbes analyzed all of Gabbard’s itemized campaign contributions alongside a list of every American billionaire, finding that no one else has contributed to Gabbard’s campaign.

“This early it’s all about being allowed to debate,” Dorsey tweeted on July 18, twelve days before the second round of Democratic debates. Gabbard participated in the June, July and October debates but missed qualifying for the September one because she did not meet the DNC’s polling threshold for that month’s debate.  

Dorsey said he supported Gabbard’s strong anti-war stance, as well as Yang’s focus on artificial intelligence and automation. “Their voices are important to surface in the debates,” he tweeted, adding “Along with systemically addressing climate change and economic injustice, these are the key issues of global consequence I want to see considered and discussed more.” 

Before the current election cycle, Dorsey, 43, had never donated more than $200 to a presidential candidate, according to Federal Election Commission filings. Last month, he announced that Twitter would ban all political ads on its platform.

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