Wedding guest's outfit savaged after she boasted 'everyone was looking at me'

Mirror Online 2 weeks ago

There's a lot of rules when it comes to wedding etiquette and it's often the outfits which see people fall foul of what's expected.

Guests can be brutally criticised for their choice of attire on the big day, such as these two women who were slammed as one wore a crop top while the other donned a lacy mini dress to their friend's celebrations. According to the seething comments, that's a big no.

It appears the ultimate faux pas which will land you in wedding jail for all of eternity is heading along wearing white.

That should be pretty obvious, right? Apparently not.

Others had a very different idea to why people may have been looking at her

A guest who recently attended a wedding posted a snap of herself from the day, saying the dress she chose was the 'perfect size', 'so sexy and simple' and that 'everyone kept looking at me'.

The small detail she appeared to miss and, unfortunately for her no one else on the internet did, is that she could quite easily have been mistaken from the bride.

It was posted on Reddit with the caption 'Of course they were looking at you love, you're literally wearing a wedding dress to someone’s wedding' and that was about as kind as the comments got.

One said: "If I see this in my upcoming wedding, someone better stop me when I start walking to that b***h with a glass of red wine."

Another said: "Convenient she didn't mention the facial expressions of all the people looking at her."

To make matters worse, some seemed to find the fact the dress had creases in it to be more offensive than the dress itself.

One fumed: "How dare you come to my wedding in a wedding dress WITHOUT IRONING IT FIRST!!!!"

Another said: "They may have also been wondering why she didn’t iron it..."

Having all eyes on you isn't always a good thing.

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