How to keep your windscreen clear of frost all winter

Metro 2 weeks ago
It's claimed that the 'miracle new treatment' will also make it easier to remove squashed bugs (Picture: duxback_uk)
It’s claimed that the ‘miracle new treatment’ will also make it easier to remove squashed bugs (Picture: duxback_uk)

The winter can bring havoc for motorists, with many waking up earlier than usual to de-ice windows, but there’s a way you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

A new spray that has traditionally been used on planes, has now been made available to motorists and promises to banish windscreen ice for good.

The solution known as Duxback, prevents ice from forming on screens for up to six months.

It also promises to improve visibility by 35% in pouring rain.

Ice on your windows
Each treatment will cost motorists £25 (Picture: duxback_uk)

The windscreen treatment also claims that at 40mph, drivers won’t have to use their wipers, as the rain ‘just falls off the windscreens’.

According to Halfords, the ‘miracle treatment’ also improves the ability of drivers to identify a small object by 25%.

A description of the product reads: ‘Originally developed for the airline industry, Duxback causes water to “bead” on glass, dramatically improving visibility in the rain.’

Each treatment costs £25, and lasts up to six months.

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