Nadine Coyle defends Sarah Harding against her critics and says her unpredictable behaviour makes her ‘unique’

The Sun 11 months ago

NADINE Coyle has come to defence to the defence of her Girls Aloud co-member Sarah Harding ahead of the Celebrity Big Brother final tomorrow.

Sarah is one of five CBB contestants left, but she’s divided viewers with her drunken antics and cheating on her secret boyfriend with Chad Johnson.

Now Nadine has done what Nicola Roberts refused to do and sent kind words to Sarah, and asked fans to get behind her.

The Irish singer, who had a famous feud with band mate Cheryl Cole, wrote: “Inside info on Sarah.

“She is a very natural being. She dwells on her feelings & acts on them.

“It is what makes her so unique.”

She added: “Those of us who know & love her know that.

“The support from you guys will mean the world to her!!”

Sarah Harding was seen fondling Chad on top of the covers

Referring to Sarah's vicious rows with Jemma Lucy, she then added: "If I was there, no one would DARE utter a bad word to her!!!!"

Nadine has a new single coming out next month showing that it's not just Cheryl who has kept her music career alive after Girls Aloud disbanded.

Sarah rowing with house boyfriend Chad Johnson

Tonight house evictee Shaun Williamson, aka Barry from EastEnders, said he believed Sarah would win the show - though he added that he'd rather see Jemma Lucy take the crown.

Meanwhile Katie Price reluctantly sent her support to Jemma too despite their well-known "beef".

Celebrity Big Brother evictee Shaun Williamson backs Sarah Harding to win in chat with Rylan on CBBBOTS

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