Women in their 50s desperate for £15k female sex dolls to be their 'dream person'

Mirror Online 2 weeks ago

Randy middle-aged women desperate to find their "dream person" are forking out up to £15,000 for their own customised sex dolls .

Both homosexual and heterosexual women, some of whom are married and have kids, are among a "new wave" of customers enjoying the sex robots, the industry says.

Phil Bass, managing director of The-Doll-House, one of the UK's most popular sex doll retailers, exclusively told Mirror Online: "There was a flourish when I started the business but then there was a lull after around one year or so.

"Then it became popular again and now what I have come across is a lot of female interest, especially in the past year."

"It is not the stereotypical lonely old man anymore as such. They only make around 10% of my customers. Now, I would say around a quarter of my customers are women who want a female doll.

Female sex dolls are becoming more and more popular with women

"The female demographic is interesting. The ages of these women range. I have some middle-aged women, many in their 50s, and others in their 20s.

"These women, though, largely want female dolls. There is a sexual element for some of these women. The last one [female customer] was a single, lesbian woman.

"Others like to take photographs of the sex robots they buy, and there are customers of both genders who like to use them for large versions of dolls to dress up. Playing dress up is their hobby, for instance."

While some women pick male sex dolls, female ones are now increasingly popular

The silicone sex robots can cost a whopping £15,000 each. These can be tailored with custom-made heads, genitalia, feet and other organs, but each of these amendments can cost up to a further £5,000.

Some sex robots can talk, smile, sing and even orgasm.

Mr Bass, 46, who started his business three years ago after becoming bored in the IT trade, says customers often mix "male bodies" with "female heads" and vice versa to create their ideal partner.

The businessman, who isn't married and has no children, said: "One woman recently asked us to make a robot with a male body below the neck with male genitalia, a female head and a man's haircut.

"It came across as a really good-looking guy actually." 

Sex robots, which can each weigh around 66lb, are now seen in pornography.

But Mr Bass added: "I have come across in porn lately men with dolls, rather than a woman, but I am a bit curious as to why really. Maybe I am just old-fashioned."

Little research has been carried out into exactly how women use the dolls.

But journalist Phoebe Greggor, who runs podcast What The Sex , said the robots are often seen as "lovers designed and made to be your dream person" and for companionship.

"There have been people who have mentioned they like to have their sex dolls around for that feeling of companionship, just to have another person in the room so if they've alone for a decade or so."

Sex robots can be kissed and touched and treated like real partners, the industry says
The industry is seeing another boom, businesses say

A recent investigation found sex dolls are also being used in fashion photography.

And trans robots, which offer the user "penis and vagina attachments", are even becoming popular.

Speaking previously, Sari Cooper, a sex therapist and sex coach, said: "There are people who are interested in transgender porn who may want to re-enact what they see in that porn with these dolls. They may want to go swinging together, or go and visit a dungeon for instance.

"I am in wonderment about the ways people are curious for novelty. It reflects the porn we see."

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