Hospital Visit Means Donald Trump Will Resign For ‘Health Reasons,’ Get Pardon From Mike Pence, Pundit Says

The Inquisitr 2 weeks ago

Conservative pundit Cheri Jacobus speculated Saturday on the real agenda behind Donald Trump's curious visit to Walter Reed Hospital.

Donald Trump made an unscheduled visit to Walter Reed Hospital on Saturday afternoon, in order to “begin portions of his routine annual physical exam,” according to a statement issued by White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, as quoted by Politico. But one conservative pundit was not buying the story. According to Cheri Jacobus, Trump’s hospital visit was setting up an excuse “so he can quickly resign for alleged ‘health reasons.'”

According Jacobus, Trump may simply quit, as evidence grows in the impeachment inquiry against him. Vice President Mike Pence would then become president — and would hand Trump a pardon for any crimes he may have committed, due to “compassion” for Trump’s alleged “health issues.”

Trump’s visit sparked widespread speculation, with some observers noting that because Trump’s previous physical exam took place in February of this year, his visit to Water Reed could not have been for an “annual” physical — with the word “annual” meaning “once per year.”

Trump traveled to the Bethesda, Maryland, hospital in a motorcade rather than by helicopter, as has been typical of Trump, and previous presidents. Unlike previous physical exams, Saturday’s visit was not listed on Trump’s daily public schedule. At least one media pundit speculated that Trump had secretly suffered a heart attack. But Grisham in an interview on Fox News maintained that Trump is “healthy as can be.”

But according to Jacobus on Twitter, Trump “just needs an excuse in case he needs to resign and get a ‘compassion’ pardon from Pence.”

Mike Pence calls on a reporter.
Vice President Mike Pence.

Grisham responded to the widespread speculation, calling it “wholly irresponsible & dangerous for the country,” as quoted by Politico. But she provided no further reasons why Trump would go in for even “portions” of his annual physical exam three months ahead of schedule.

Though she is a conservative commentator, Jacobus has long been an opponent of Trump, often earning her the anger of prominent Trump supporters. Last year, she was fired as a columnist for USA Today after she responded to Trump-supporter Michael Caputo via Twitter by suggesting that Trump would “use” Caputo’s daughters at parties thrown by sex trafficker and former Trump friend Jeffrey Epstein, according to an account by The Wrap.

The news site The Hill also severed its ties with Jacobus after the tweet.

Jacobus in 2017 sued Trump for defamation after he slammed her on Twitter as “a real dummy,” according to The Wrap. The “Never Trump” conservative sued Trump for $4 million but lost, though she claimed Trump’s tweets had “trashed and ruined” her.

Controversy has surrounded Trump’s previous physical exams as well. After his exam in February of this year, a White House statement proclaimed him to be “in very good health,” while offering no specific details of any health issues or conditions that may have been uncovered by the then-73-year-old Trump’s physical, according to Politico.

In 2018, Trump’s exam was performed by Navy doctor Ronny Jackson, who announced that Trump’s health was so solid that he might “live to be 200 years old.”

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