British supercar McLaren 720S looks like something out of a film — and has been decked out in pink for a motor show

The Sun 10 months ago

THIS British supercar looks like something from a movie — decked out in bright pink.

US mattress tycoon Michael Fux had the McLaren 720S specially made to match a flower he spotted at a motor show.

The pink McLaren 720S

The pink Rolls-Royce Dawn

And he took his bill to £500,000 by adding a Rolls-Royce Dawn coupé in the same hue.

Both were unveiled this weekend at Pebble Beach, California.

A 1956 Aston Martin DBR1 raced by Stirling Moss fetched a British record £17.5million at auction.

American Michael Fux found a flower in the pink colour

He then presented it to the car makers and them to build him the cars in the garish colour

The bill for both cars in the same colour came to £500,000

Rolls-Royce already has more than 44,000 colour options with its cars

But they set about recreating the petal for Mr Fux’s luxury 155mph coupe

Both cars were unveiled this weekend at Pebble Beach, California

He definitely won’t have trouble finding either vehicle in a car park

The new Rolls Royce Phantom VIII is revealed to the world

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