‘Destiny 2’ Is Nerfing Recluse And One-Eyed Mask At Last, Probably, Maybe

Forbes 3 weeks ago
Destiny 2
Destiny 2

It’s finally happening. Again. Probably. Well, we’ll see, I guess.

In this week’s TWAB, Bungie announced that yet again they were going to attempt to nerf Recluse, the pinnacle SMG, and One-Eyed Mask, the Titan helmet for Destiny 2’s next season which should start about a month from now.

Recluse has been utterly dominant in PvE and PvP since it was introduced, and I think you could make the argument it genuinely might be the strongest overall gun in Destiny history, if put in context and you’re not just counting pure DPS like multi-Gjallarhorn boss spam. One-Eyed Mask, meanwhile, has been the only exotic any Titan ever needs in Crucible with its myriad perks.

Here’s what’s happening to Recluse:

Changed the effects of Master of Arms:

Removed the precision damage modifier

Recluse will continue to receive a damage bonus from Master of Arms, but damage will not default to precision values when the perk activates

I didn’t quite understand what this meant initially, but DMG clarified on follow-up:

In short, in order for Recluse to put out the same damage levels it’s doing now, you have to actually hit headshots while Master of Arms is active, as you won’t just get pure crit shots from hitting enemies anywhere. This seems like it should impact overall damage somewhat significantly, given that it’s usually pretty hard to hit all crits with an SMG (at least on console, if not PC), however, given the close range you’re usually using Recluse, I would not be surprised if it was plenty strong, especially in PvE for best-in-slot mob clear, which is what it’s currently used for. Recluse already shrugged off one alleged Master of Arms nerf, we’ll see what happens after this one.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

One-Eyed Mask is just flat-out having one of its perks removed, though some are arguing that it’s still probably not enough.

Changed the effects of Vengeance

Removed the overshield granted from defeating an opponent that inflicted damage on you

So, instead of buffing damage, giving you regen, an overshield and marking targets that hit you…One-Eyed Mask will only…buff damage, give you regen and mark targets that hit you.

If I’m thinking about if I’m a Titan heading into PvP, even with this change, is there really any other exotic I’m going to use unless I’m running some other niche build? Probably not. The wallhacks in PvP is an absolutely incredible tool that will win you fights without your enemy ever even realizing it. And you are still getting health regen on kill which may not be as strong as an overshield, but still very strong. The problem with One-Eyed Mask is that it has like 3-4 PvP-focused exotic perks in one package. Now it has more like 2-3, but still, it’s hard to imagine most Titans letting it go despite this change. Previously, Bungie nerfed the bonus damage you get from killing marked targets. We’ll see how much the overshield removal reins it in further.

Finally, there is a buff in the works. Xenophage is getting a 50% PvE damage buff because it was truly, hilariously terrible. You’re also getting more ammo for it per brick in PvP, which was another problem. I have no idea if these changes will bring it anywhere close to “good” given how awful it was before, but I’m glad they’re doing something at least.

We will know how all this shakes out in a month. These really do not seem like item-destroying nerfs from the looks of them, but it’s hard to say for sure until we get our hands on them.

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