Heartbreaking moment man feeds water to koala found badly burned in wildfires

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A heartbreaking video has been posted on Facebook showing a man attempting to help a koala which has been badly hurt by the bush fires ripping through Australia.

A state of emergency was declared in the country earlier this week as emergency services continue to battle more than 100 blazes, which have claimed the lives of four people and destroyed hundreds of homes.

As many as 350 koalas are also estimated to have died in fires at the Lake Innes Nature Reserve in New South Wales, according to Koala Conservation Australia President Sue Ashton, who said the animals have been 'burnt to ashes in the trees'.

Koala Hospital Port Macquarie, a rehabilitation facility for the care and conservation of wild koalas, shared the video of a man named Darrel who saved one of the injured animals from an area of burnt-out trees and took it to the centre.

The hospital has raised hundreds of thousands to help more koalas

The koala, now named Kate, can be seen looking singed from the flames which devastated the area around her.

Darrel fills a small cup with water and holds it up to the koala as it slowly drinks, appearing to struggle to open its eyes.

The centre wrote: "He did the right thing by gently capturing her using a big blanket to bring her to us.

"Kate has burns to hands, feet, face, and full singeing of her body.

"She arrived very dehydrated and is now in the five star service burns ward at the Koala Hospital."

Kate is now recovering in a burns unit

The video moved some of the hospital's followers to tears, with one replying: "Poor little sweetheart, I'm sure many a person has shed a tear over this video, myself included.

"She is just so trusting of her rescuer, thank you to all involved for helping this beautiful girl."

Another said: "That really saddens me to see what happens to our beautiful animals.

"Hope you have a speedy recovery little one you are in the best of hands."

The hospital set up a GoFundMe page which has rasied more than £275,000 to help thirsty koalas devastated by the fires.

After fraudulent account were set up which are not affiliated with the hospital, they asked people to only donate here.

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