How Content Marketing Brings Value to Your Partner Program

Forbes 10 months ago


Like the Beatles sang, we all get by with a little help from our friends. In business, those friends might better be called partners.

Behind every successful company are people whose partnerships strengthen it and help drive its growth. Yet good partners are tough to find and tougher to keep, and building lucrative partnerships requires a lot of resources and time. Thats part of what makes content such a valuable tool for partner programs — its scalable, which saves you time, and (if youre doing it right) its engaging and high-quality, which sets you up for success.

Content is a tool, and it’s evolved beyond the marketing department. It can be used by different areas of your company for different purposes: PR trends have made content especially valuable for that department, and its also useful to your recruiting efforts, sales enablement, and partner programs. And partnerships is one area where I see a lot of companies missing out on opportunity.

As with any tool, though, contents effectiveness depends on your ability to use it. If you want to build better relationships with partners — those people who want to support your company — then you need to learn how to use the best tool at your disposal. Here are three ways you can use content to start building partnerships that benefit your company and your partners, too:

1. Open the door to conversation and new opportunity.

Working with another organization or leader in your space to create something that’s helpful to you both — and your shared audiences — is a natural way to start building partnerships. One way my team does this is through co-branded projects, like webinars.

What we do is identify who we’d like to partner with and reach out with content. We don’t just say, “Hey! Let’s do a webinar — when works for you?” That would get us nowhere because its not very helpful, and it does nothing to demonstrate were even worth partnering with.

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