28 Products You Probably Won’t Want To Share With Anyone Else

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Novel-themed black teas tagged with classic literary quotes so you can lose yourself in old eras, characters, and stories with a hot cup of rich, flavorful tea. The real world just doesn't cut it.

The novel teas come with 25 quoted teabags. Reviewers note that the tea tastes great!

Promising review: "I just fell in love when I saw this. I love finding unique gift items and surely this is one of them! My friend loves history and tea and I can't believe I found the perfect gift to represent them both. The design is perfect and just like described. And I love that they put quotes on them individually as well. Worth every penny. And the tea is just delicious." —Nora

Get 25 tea bags from Amazon for $13.50.

A pack of cat magnets, so ridiculously cute they should be illegal. And they are. For others to take.

Promising review: "Amazingly cute! I was very excited upon receiving these magnets. They were much smaller than I had thought but the size is what makes them so cute! They are made of resin so they are durable and sturdy. Perfect for my new vintage magnet board. They are so adorable I’m going to buy a pack for all the cat lovers I know!" —Kelly

Get a set of six from Amazon for $12.99. (available in four styles).

A set of way-too-cute cat-shaped sticky notes you can use as bookmarks, memos, reminders...these cuties will be here to help!

Promising review: "These cute sticky notes are not just for kids, any cat lover would love them. It makes me smile when I see the cute cat marking my place without destroying the book. Thank you for these cute cats. They bring smiles to others when I use them as gifts as well." —annoymous

Get a set of 360 from Amazon for $7.99.

A super adorable Totoro figurine to guard you through the night and make you smile every time you see it. You'll be darned if you're giving this to anyone else.

This is four inches tall. It'll add a nice touch to your desk or shelf collection, especially for fans of Studio Ghibli and anime!

Promising review: "This arrived on time and in one piece. It's so cute! I've had to tape it down because everyone who walks by my desk has to pick it up lol." —Bluejeanbugga

Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

An oven mitt to make cooking and baking a lot more fun and full of attitude. As it should be.

Promising review: "Love this so much I kept it for myself!" —J

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

An incredibly funny book of cocktail recipes based on famous novels. Indulge yourself with endless literary jokes, witty comments, fun recipes, and titles like The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose until you're just squealing with delight.

This book features 65 drink recipes as well as bar bites, illustrations, and drinking games.

Promising review: "This book is hilarious! I gave it as a birthday gift but I kind of want one for myself. Tons of cocktail/drink recipes based on books you know and love...or hate! LOL. Each one has a brief review of the book before listing the ingredients and directions for the drink. Very fun gift for anyone that loves books!" —Beckersly

Get it from Amazon for $10.24.

A cute little card that'll be loved by anyone you give it to. Or, you know, you could just keep it for yourself. Because who said you can't chick out yourself?

Get it from ShopLittleRedSparrow on Etsy for $3.84.

A vampire garlic mincer that I will judge you for if you don't get because this is the best personification of a pun. Give him a name and watch out for any vampire slayers if you know what I mean. Read: thieves.

This is BPA Free and dishwasher safe. Just twist this and you can chop or mince garlic, nuts, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Promising review: "This is a life saver! It saves so much time when using garlic in a recipe! Super easy to use and dishwasher safe! Plus extremely adorable." —Kaila

Get it from Amazon for $14.90.

A silk sleep mask for a luxurious sleep experience that you and only you will have.

Promising review: "I like to sleep in complete darkness, and these do the trick. The adjustable strap doesn't dig into my head, the fabric is soft, and it's light enough that I don't get hot at night." —V

Get it from Amazon for $9.49.

A hilarious and ironic coffee table book about existential problems for all sorts of beings. If you're a dinosaur, all your friends are dead. If you're a tree, all your friends are furniture. It's a book all your friends will want to take home and read.

Get it from Amazon for $8.48 (available in hardcover and Kindle editions).

A set of funny ceramic plant pots to keep in your home or office space. Yes, there's more than one but to each their own!

Get it from BloomsnRooms on Etsy $27.69.

A hilariously macabre Wicked Witch of the East bookmark. With those stripy legs and famous red shoes that anyone would find eye-catching, your fellow readers will def ask to borrow it.

The legs are made of polymer clay and attached to a laminated bookmark. Note that the bookmark part of this item is metal.

Promising review: "A delightful twister to your usual bookmark. If you like a little whimsy and love The Wizard of Oz, this bookmark is for you. Definitely puts a smile on your face every time you see it. Turned out to be a little conversation piece as well. Would recommend." —Maria

Get it from Amazon for $24.

A pack of floral headbands to elevate your daily look and leave onlookers pining away.

Promising review: "I really, really love these headbands!! The fabric is soft, colors are vibrant and it’s the perfect width. I’d definitely buy these again!" —chinamommy

Get a set of four from Amazon for $5.99.

A rose salve lip balm you'll probably have to buy two tins of in case the other one disappears because it's just that great.

This product is cruelty free.

Promising review: "I have very dry lips and they are often chapped. When I put on matte lipstick, the lines on my lips are very visible. I have tried a lot of lip products to solve this but this is the only product that moisturized and heal the dryness of my lips. Now I can wear my matte lipsticks and my lips look plump and healthy. Will definitely purchase again!" —Elmo

Get it from Amazon for $7.64.

A flexible reading light to lessen the strain on your eyes so you can pull all-nighters reading your favorite books in complete darkness.

This book light comes with two lithium coin cell batteries. The neck is flexible and can be moved in different directions. The light can fasten onto books, Kindles, and E-readers with an attachable clip, and is portable, foldable, and lightweight.

Promising review: "I love my book light. It is even prettier than it appears in the picture and is very well made. Not cheap at all. I was looking for a small light I could easily carry in my purse since I travel a lot. This one fit the bill. The small ball for the light might give the impression it isn't very powerful, however, it is one of the best light sources to cover my entire page and then some. The price can't be beat either. I am very happy with my light and would recommend it." —StarlinEyes6

Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in 10 styles).

A dermatologist-tested dry shampoo for your clothes (yes, your clothes) for those days when they're not quite ready to wash but need a little pick-me-up. It also gets rid of creases. No more over-washing!

Lay your clothes flat, spray it all over, and smooth out the creases before hanging it up for fifteen minutes. And wala, your clothes will look fresh and ready-to-wear with a lovely scent of lavender, rose, or vetiver. This is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben and dye-free, and ethically sourced.

Promising review: "I love this line/brand of products, anyway, but this light dry wash spray is wonderful! Doesn't leave a residue, smells clean and a slight aromatherapy to it, too. I would definitely suggest this product and so happy I purchased multiples!" —sonjarenee2001

Get a set of three from Amazon for $23.68 (available in two scents).

A foot spa with heat bubbles and massaging rollers to truly treat your tired feet and get some relief from the week's stress.

You can set the heat temperature, vibration and bubble settings to your liking. The massaging rollers can be removed if you don't want them.

Promising review: "Works well! The bubbles' pressure is minimal but very relaxing with the vibrating function turned on — which is also minamal and relaxing. The vibration is not intense at all on the floor and it is not ultra-sonic but still operates rather quietly - no need to raise your TV volume. I get to enjoy a nice foot bath at the comfort of my home for a very reasonable price!" —Freddy

Get it from Amazon for $59.99.

And a reversible cool gel memory foam pillow that'll support your head, neck, and shoulders, and absorbs heat so you can enjoy a comfortable night of sleep every night.

Promising review: "This pillow is excellent quality, comfortable, and fits a standard pillowcase. The cooling gel is satisfying. We have used ours for over a year, bought these for family members, and even ordered an additional one right after I moved because I was waiting for our belongings to arrive at the new place. Compared to a previous memory foam pillow I had, this one is much better protected with the included cases and lasts much longer. This pillow also can be used as a body pillow placed between the knees if you are a side sleeper like me. The extra support between the legs while I am on my side helps alleviate back pains associated with poor sleep position." —Lydia

Get it from Amazon for $48.99.

You when anyone tries to touch any of your new stuff:

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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