Super fertile mum has two sets of twins in a row defying 700,000-to-one odds

Mirror Online 1 month ago

A super fertile mum has a 700,000-to-one family after giving birth to two sets of twins in consecutive pregnancies despite no history in the family.

Gina Shelton, 30, and partner Olie Lloyd, 33, were stunned in March when their second natural pregnancy in three years turned out to be another set of twins.

Mum-of-five Gina, who figures she has changed more than 5,550 nappies, admits people joke "I'm not sitting next to you" for fear of catching her productive genes.

The Instagram influencer, from Telford, Shrops, said: "It's crazy, busy and noisy having five kids but I wouldn't change it for the world.

"We get through thousands of nappies and we've had to buy a seven-seater car but my family are one in a million."

Parents Gina and Ollie with Phoebe, six, Niamh and Esme, three, and Arlo and Alby, three months

The odds of having two consecutive twin pregnancies are thought to be in the region of one in 700,000.

Gina's children are Phoebe, six, identical twins Niamh and Esme, both three, and fraternal twins Arlo and Alby, both three months.

Gina and Olie, a carpenter, estimate their monthly supermarket shop will cost somewhere in the region of £1,000 as the boys get older and start eating solids.

The odds of having consecutive sets of twins is 700,000-to-one

The siblings have captured the attention of huge brands such as Heinz, Amazon and McDonald's, who have featured the family in advertising campaigns.

With no known history of twins on either Gina or Olie's side of the family, the couple's relatives are puzzled as to where their double trouble DNA has come from.

Gina said: "I never thought we would have twins, but when I was pregnant with the girls I was working in a nursery and I was just so tired all the time.

The family estimate that their monthly food bill will rise to £1,000

"Everyone around me was always saying I was going to have twins.

"In the waiting room at the hospital Olie and I were looking at cars before the scan and Olie kept joking 'forget it, we're going to need a bus'.

"I think we were crying with happiness and panic when we found out, because at the time we were living in a two bedroom flat and Olie was in the process of building our house.

Gina estimates that she has changed more than 5,500 nappies as a mum

"A year later we found out we were having another set of twins – we couldn't believe it, but neither could our family or even our doctors.

Both sets of twins were conceived naturally and were born by C-section, so when the couple announced that a second pair were on the way, their family were in disbelief.

For Gina it took just four months of trying to conceive to fall pregnant with both her twin girls and twin boys.

The couple were stunned when told they were having twins again

She said: "When we rang Olie's mum and dad to tell them the news about the second set of twins they thought we were having them on.

"They even thought we were just going to send them the scan of Niamh and Esme again and that it was all a joke.

"My nan just kept telling me how sorry she felt for me.

"But I'm able to go into the town centre with all five of my kids, I am very lucky that they are so well behaved.

Dad Olie cradles twins Arlo and Alby after they were born this year

"As identical twins, Niamh and Esme get a lot of attention while out and about so when people notice the other set too, they can't believe their eyes.

"I think the key is being active, getting up and out and keeping them entertained.

"I get sick of staying in, so I'm always organising things for us to do as a family."

After her older girls were born, Gina started documenting her life on social media and now has 133,000 Instagram followers, who catch up with her life as part of a family-of-seven.

The twins feature in mum Gina's Instagram posts to her 133,000 followers

The supermum wows her friends, family and followers as she takes her five youngsters out and about in adorable and immaculate matching outfits.

Gina and Olie said while their unlikely two sets of twins have brought twice as much demand to the family they have also brought twice as much love and happiness.

Gina said: "I did worry that Phoebe was going to be pushed out as Niamh and Esme grew up, but actually it has just brought us closer together.

"While the twins have each other, Phoebe and I will always have each other because we don't understand their bond.

Fraternal twins Arlo and Alby are now three-months-old

"Niamh and Esme will talk to each other and burst into hysterical fits of laughter while Olie and I are stood trying to work out what they're laughing at.

"But if one of them gets picked on, the other is the first one by their side defending them.

"They're incredibly close and I'm sure the boys will be the same.

"Watching them laugh and love each other like that is the most rewarding thing as a mother.

Three-year-old twins Niamh and Esme are identical

"Although the odds aren't that much higher of winning the lottery, I still think we're luckier to have the family we do."

What are the odds of having two sets of twins?

Although most experts claim it is almost impossible to quantify the odds of having consecutive sets of twins because there are "too many variables", several reports suggest that the odds could be around one in 700,000.

Inherited genetics and whether a woman has undergone IVF affect her chances of giving birth to twins, with fertility treatment known to increase the risk of getting two babies for the price of one.

The Twins Trust also adds that a woman who gives birth to a set of non-identical twins is four times more likely to give birth to another set of non-identical twins than other mums.

The NHS says on its website: "In recent years, fertility treatments and the fact women are having babies later has made multiple births more common.

"In 2016, around 12,000 sets of twins and about 190 sets of triplets or more were born in the UK.

"That means about 1 in every 65 births in the UK today are twins, triplets or more.

"This is a big increase from 1984, when 1 in every 100 births was a multiple birth."

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