Popeye’s worker charged with assaulting customer who wanted refund

New York Post 4 days ago

In yet another viral video at a Popeye’s chicken restaurant, a 55-year-old woman suffered several broken bones when she was slammed to the ground by an employee at a location in Tennessee last Tuesday following an argument over her bill.

The mayhem unfolded inside a Popeye’s location in Columbia when the unidentified woman got into a screaming match with several workers over a refund she felt she was owed after allegedly being charged twice, according to The Tennessean.

“When she got there she was treated with hostility and anger from the manager,” the woman’s lawyer Rocky Mcelhaney told the paper. “There were words back and forth.”

Restaurant workers claim the woman, who is white, used the N-word. Mcelhaney said his client denied using the racial slur.

In a video documenting the argument, a man can be heard saying, “You are in the wrong place saying the n-word.”

Another video from the incident, which was shot from outside, shows the woman walking out with a Popeye’s employee close behind.

One of the workers, later identified as Deriance Ra’Shaiel Hughes, 29, then grabs the woman from behind, lifts her up and slams her to the ground, the video shows.

Hughes can be heard screaming at the woman as she’s down on the ground.

The woman suffered a broken left leg, six broken ribs and nine fractures in her elbow.

Hughes was arrested on Friday and charged with aggravated assault, the report said, citing police.

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