Mega Millions Results, Numbers for 11/08/2019: Did Anyone Win the $145 Million Jackpot on Friday Night?

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A life-changing jackpot was up for grabs in the Mega Millions draw on Friday but did anybody have all their numbers come up? The jackpot stood at $145 million, with a cash-value option of $96.2 million.

The Mega Millions winning numbers were: 3, 4, 10, 39, 58, and the Mega Ball was 14. The Megaplier was 3X.

This time around there was no one who managed to get all five numbers and the Mega Ball, so the new jackpot on Tuesday, November 12, is estimated to jump to $163 million with a cash option of $108.2 million, although this number could increase or decrease depending on how many people buy tickets.

Matching five balls but not the Mega Ball has a prize of $1 million, which would have been $3 million last night if the Megaplier was played. However, nobody got the five balls needed for this windfall.

Mega Millions ticket

There were 13 people who matched four balls and the Mega Ball and so walked away with $10,000, with two of these players using the Megaplier, which tripled their prize to $30,000.

To win $500, players must match four balls, which 312 people did, and 47 of those people used the Megaplier to triple their winnings to $1,500.

The last jackpot winner was someone from Leander, Texas, who walked away with the $227 million jackpot prize on September 24. The anonymous lucky winner chose the cash value option and so got a payment of $157,091,592, which was the most ever paid to a player in Texas, according to the Mega Millions website.

How to play Mega Millions?

A ticket to enter the Mega Millions lottery costs $2 at a licensed retailer and players have the choice of picking their own numbers, or they can be randomly generated by a machine.

Players also have the option for an extra $1 per play of adding the Megaplier to their ticket which can double, triple or even quintuple the non-jackpot prize. The Megaplier is chosen randomly just before each draw from a set of 15 balls—five are marked with 2X, six with 3X, three with 4X and one with 5X.

In some parts of the U.S., people can choose to play for just the jackpot, which costs $3 for two plays. These tickets are not eligible for any other prize levels.

How to win Mega Millions?

A Mega Millions draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday. Five white balls are numbered between 1 and 70 and are drawn. One gold Mega Ball is drawn from a set of balls numbered between 1 and 25. You win if your numbers on one row of their ticket match the numbers of the balls drawn.

There are nine ways to win a prize, which ranges from $2 to the jackpot which grows each drawing if it has not been won the previous draw. If nobody wins the jackpot, money is added. The jackpots start at $40 million and will grow by a minimum of $5 million per draw each time the jackpot has not been won. Overall chances of winning a prize are 1 in 24.

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