The daily gossip: November 8, 2019

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The list of people running for president is already pretty long, but you can soon add one more name to it: Kanye West. The rapper, who has long teased the possibility of a presidential run, confirmed this week that he still plans to seek the nation's highest office — though not until 2024, where he'll presumably poll neck-and-neck with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. [USA Today]


Netflix's historical drama The Crown is one of its buzziest, most awards-nabbing hits, but there's at least one person who hasn't sat down to binge it yet: Prince William. Olivia Colman — who plays Queen Elizabeth in Season 3 of The Crown — bumped into the real Queen Elizabeth's grandson, Prince William, at a dinner. "I was so excited and asked, 'Have you watched it?'" Colman says. "His answer was a firm, 'No.'" And as cold as that might sound, to be fair: How excited would you be if Netflix was making a show about your grandma? [ET Online]


Having already scored the highest-grossing movie of all time with this year's Avengers: Endgame, Disney is setting its sights on a different prize: A mantle full of Oscars. The studio has submitted no fewer than 13 of its actors for Academy Award nominations, including Josh Brolin, Scarlett Johansson, and Robert Downey, Jr. In a somewhat surprising move, the studio submitted every single performer in the Supporting Actor or Supporting Actress category — but we guess there's no "I" in "Avengers." [The Playlist]


Even for a method actor, Christian Bale has gone to some pretty wild extremes, from starving himself to play a paranoid insomniac in The Machinist to eating a bunch of pies to play Dick Cheney in Vice. (Hey, we didn't say it was a completely miserable job.) But in an interview to promote this month's Oscars hopeful Ford v. Ferrari, Bale claimed that his days of body modification are behind him, saying, "I really think I'm done with it." So you're saying he doesn't play one of the cars? [Entertainment Weekly]


Another day, another reboot of a TV show people kind of remember. This time, the wheel landed on Weeds, the Showtime dramedy starring Mary-Louise Parker as a marijuana kingpin in southern California. Now, Starz and Lionsgate are in the process of developing a sequel series, also starring Parker, tentatively called Weeds 4.20. Of course, California has legalized pot since Weeds last aired — so presumably it'll be a series about a bunch of bored twenty-somethings hawking legal vape pens out of a storefront on a Venice Beach boardwalk. [Variety]

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