Cafe hypes P.C. ‘gender-neutral’ gingerbread cookies

New York Post 1 month ago

Who knew gingerbread had genitals?

The Tannery cafe in New Zealand has taken the sex out of gingerbread men, instead offering customers the redundantly titled “GingerBread Gender Neutral Person” cookies this holiday season.

The Auckland, New Zealand, eatery is peddling their P.C. Christmas biscuits for $2.50.

Andre Cettina, owner of the Tannery, told Stuff that the more “inclusive” option was inspired by a customer who asked why the vaguely human-shaped treats weren’t called “gingerbread people”?

Cettina says he decided to make the switch in October as a joke — but it has yielded a positive reaction.

“It was completely tongue-in-cheek at the start,” he said. “But it’s become a really good conversation piece in the cafe.”

Many customers have been sharing photos of the Tannery’s cookies and their genderless label on social media, and Cettina has seen an uptick in adult buyers.

“It used to be that 90 percent of the time we sold [gingerbread men], it was to kids. There’s a lot more people buying them now, which is quite funny,” he says.

Of course there have also been some haters.

“We’ve had a lot of people commenting saying ‘stop being so pedantic, it’s just a biscuit.’ I had to reply to them going, ‘Did you miss the whole point?'”

Cettina is not the only one to offer an un-gendered alternative to the sweet treat: UK supermarket chain Co-op Food announced the launch of a gingerbread “person,” in April, which has since been named “Crumbs,” Stuff reports.

Other recent gender-neutral developments have included the renaming of “manholes” in Berkeley, Calif., the dropping of the “ladies and gentlemen” greeting on Air Canada flights and Mattel’s launch of a gender-neutral Barbie.

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