Laura Ingraham accuses Democrats 'dereliction of duty,' ignoring border for impeachment

Fox News 1 month ago
Democrats wasting time on impeachment while Mexican cartels kill Americans.

Laura Ingraham said Democrats are "guilty of a dereliction of their duty" Tuesday on "The Ingraham Angle" for dragging on the impeachment inquiry and citing a brutal cartel massacre near the U.S.-Mexico border as an example.

"Congress just plods along, obsessed with the borders of other countries, like Syria's or transfixed by the fantasy of removing Trump from office, all because of a call with the president of Ukraine. By the way, a country more than 5,600 miles away," Ingraham said. "Now, while they've wasted weeks conducting secret depositions and leaking relentlessly to our media, our southern neighbor and border areas continue to rage out of control."

At least three American women and six children were gunned down in northern Mexico on Monday in a massacre believed to have been carried out by cartel gunmen.

The victims ranged in age from 8 months to 43 years old.

Ingraham criticized Democrats for targeting President Trump who she credited for his work on the Southern border.

"And Democrats answer to this is to impeach the one president who has worked tirelessly, using all of his executive authority that courts will allow to address these border issues," Ingraham said.

The host mocked Democrats for their focus on Trump's Ukraine phone call.

"Maybe Trump should arrange a follow up call with the president of Mexico threatening to reduce aid just to get the Democrats attention," Ingraham said. "We know everyone's listening."

Deadly ambush in Mexico kills 9 American citizens; Arizona Sheriff Mark Dannels on the attack.

Ingraham also accused Democrats of not address China which she called "the greatest threat facing America today."

"Whether it's mass killings and drug trafficking raging right across our border or the biggest threat to America's freedom and prosperity that we've ever faced, he Democrats have one answer," Ingraham said. "Well, it's kind of two parts, a big impeachment followed by more big government."

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