Five puppies die after being doused in chemicals that stripped fur ‘in seconds’ and caused horrific burns

The Sun 0 month ago

FIVE puppies have died after being doused in chemicals that stripped their fur off in seconds before triggering horrific blisters.

The dogs were rushed to a vet after a relative of the owner attacked them in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The dogs were rushed to a vet after a relative of the owner attacked them in Jakarta, Indonesia
One pup’s fur was stripped away

Four of the dogs passed away by Monday after being attacked on Sunday night.

The fifth – named Deadpool in the hope that it would survive like the Marvel character – died on Tuesday morning.

The animals were taken in by Natha Satwa Nusantara, an Indonesian animal welfare group.

Posting a snap of the dogs on social media, they said that each pup was in “a very bad condition”.

Vets initially suspected the animals had been dropped in boiling water, but realised they were suffering from chemical burns after one of the dogs kept vomiting.


The animal welfare group has since filed a police complaint.

Operations Director Anisa Ratna Kurnia said: “The in-law splashed the six dogs, according to A.

“I don’t know why. When we asked, the owner didn’t speak much.

“The owner and his in-law still maintain good relations.”

The charity announced the fifth dog’s death with a heartbreaking Instagram post.

It said: “Goodbye God’s little creature. Happy running with your little feet to a world without suffering, where your brothers gathered yesterday.

“Relax, there is no one who will hurt you anymore. Play to your heart’s content.

“God calls you because you don’t want you to suffer longer. Rest in love little angels.”

The pups were doused in a corrosive chemical

Four of the dogs passed away on Monday night[/caption]

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