This water bottle is the infuser you need for your tea and all things hot this winter

Business Insider 2 weeks ago
Get creative with your infusions.
  • Welly's bamboo-lined water bottle infuser is just the right size, shape, and design for just about any beverage or adventure.
  • Wherever you stand on the single-use plastic debate, Welly's Original Bamboo Water Bottle ($35) is what you need to get through winter this year. The stainless steel infuser is an excellent touch we see in all too few water bottles. 

Listen up, tea heads: This is the insulated mug you've been looking for. What's so special, you ask? Why another water bottle recommendation, you ask? I'm not soapboxing, and I'm not grandstanding here. I'm not even trying to convince you to save the environment (though you should). I'm just that much in love with this water bottle.

Almost everything you need; nothing you don't

This chili, lemon, and ginger infusion soothes me to my marrow.
Owen Burke/Business Insider

Look, there's nothing magical about this water bottle. It does what it does, and it does it well. Key standouts, though, are obviously the bamboo outer lining. It feels great in your hand, and unlike stainless steel, it won't become too cold to bear outside during the colder months.

The stainless steel infuser is an excellent touch we see in all too few water bottles. Most will use it for tea, but if you're hip like me, you might start to experiment with herbs and fruits (among other things) to create your own infusions. I, personally, have been a fan of a red chili, ginger, and lime concoction.

All that aside, you'll find your own path and rotation of recipes.


Yes, it's fall, and yes, it's time for hot stuff.
Owen Burke/Business Insider

The 18-ounce, double-walled, vacuum-sealed bottle is standard where stainless steel bottles are concerned, and so is the lid, more or less, and the only plastic to speak of on the bottle is a little ring around the mouthpiece, which is probably there to keep it leak-free and to prevent the bamboo from getting waterlogged, moldy, and eventually splitting. There's a silicone pad on the bottom of the bottle to keep it from slipping. The thin sheet of bamboo that Welly has wrapped around the bottle is a thing of wonder, and did I mention that it feels marvelous in your hand?

The infuser works two ways: You can either place your fruit, herbs, etc., into the water bottle and then pop the infuser in atop it to trap it in (better for infusions, as tea tends to over-brew), or drop your tea leaves (or herbs) into the infuser so you can remove it once it's brewed (or infused) to your liking. Here's a video on how to use it by none other than its creators.

The only downside where some might be concerned is that there's no carrying handle. In some ways, it's better: It doesn't get stuck on things, and it maintains a highly packable shape. But it's not so great for the great outdoors, where a handle can be imperative.

Lastly, there's a new version of this bottle out now, which we have not yet tried, but it does come with a handle. That said, I'm not as crazy about the looks of it: The handle is large and doesn't fold down, and only a small portion of the bottle is wrapped in bamboo.

The bottom line

Sure, the Welly Original Bamboo Water Bottle holds water with the best of them, but the thrifty shape and size make it easy to store almost anywhere, and the inclusion of the infuser lets you do oh-so-much more. Give this thing a go and get creative. Who knows, you might even find yourself kicking that $12-a-day matcha latte habit at 'buckies.

Pros: Simple, ergonomic design, infuser

Cons: No handle (the new version answers that problem)

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