Teacher ‘put disabled boy in choke hold and told him “there is no one here to see it”‘

Metro 2 weeks ago
Glen Fink
Glen Fink is charged with felony child abuse after he allegedly put a disabled child in a choke hold. (Picture: Fox 6/ Google Maps)

A teacher put a disabled 12-year-old boy in a choke hold and told him, ‘There is no one here to see it,’ police said.

Glen Fink, 68, was charged with felony child abuse for the incident in June at Whitman Middle School in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Kim Storey, a mother of another disabled student in the school district, is now outraged after she claims the school ignored her warnings about Fink – who she said also abused her daughter.

Storey said she was furious when she heard Fink had been charged with abusing a student because she had been talking to the school district about Fink’s alleged inappropriate behavior for months before the incident.

She told Fox 6 she picked her daughter Kitty up from Lonfellow Middle School on October 10, 2018 and talked to Fink, who had been a substitute teacher at the school that day.

‘(Fink) delivered her to me and said to me that she had a “bad day, she’s very stubborn. And I pretty much was like, “OK,” and that’s all he said.,” Storey said.

However, Kitty told her mother what allegedly happened in the car.

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‘She goes, “Mommy, owies, owies, owies…And Kitty does not complain about pain. She just doesn’t. That’s not like her. And she showed me her arm. She had red marks all over her hand, her wrist, and her arm.’

‘And I said, “Baby what happened.” she said, “Mr Fink hurt Kitty, owies,’ Storey continued.

She called Kitty’s school the next day and learned that Kitty ran away from Fink and into the boys’ locker room. She reportedly refused to leave, so Fink dragged her out by her arm.

Glen Fink
Kim Storey said her daughter, Kitty, was left bruised after Fink dragged her out of the boy’s locker room. (Picture: Fox 6)

‘I don’t know how far he dragged her. I know that he left marks on her. And I know that he didn’t tell me this when I picked her up from school. And I know that he didn’t report it to anyone else,’ Storey said.

A school aide later told authorities that Kitty would grab her bruises every time she saw Fink in the hallway.

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Storey was under the impression that Fink no longer worked at the school.

‘Then in January, I’m dropping Kitty off at school. And who do I see walking into the school with Kitty on one side and a nonverbal student on the other side? Glen Fink,’ Storey said.

Storey continuously reached out to the school district, which reportedly had a talk with Fink about ‘the expectation that he not touch students.’ School officials decided he would no longer work at Kitty’s school, but he remained employed by the school district.

Glen Fink
Glen Fink has pleaded not guilty to one charge of felony child abuse (Picture: Fox 6)

‘I don’t understand why you’re trying to protect this man who hurt my daughter,’ Storey said of her reaction to the school district.

‘I said, “If you put him in another school, and he hurts another child, and that parent finds out that he hurt my child and you did not get rid of him, you guys are going to be in deep water.” Those were my exact words.”

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After Fink was charged with felony child abuse for the alleged choke hold on a student in June, school officials said he was no longer employed at the district, according to an email.

Officials wrote that school administration and Fink, ‘went their separate ways,’ and did not say whether Fink was fired.

He has since pleaded not guilty to child abuse and is still awaiting trial.

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