The Queen ‘wrote a six-page letter about the death of one of her beloved corgis’, claims royal biographer’s diaries

The Sun 1 month ago

THE Queen’s corgis are her pride and joy and she once sent a “six-page letter” to a friend when one of them died.

According to newspaper diarist Kenneth Rose, who mixed in royal circles, the Queen used to receive letters from interior decorator David Hicks’ wife Pamela.

The Queen once sent a six-page letter to a friend following the death of one of her corgis, claims a royal biographer[/caption]

Kenneth wrote in his journal how “Pammy says that she sometimes writes to the Queen to tell her things of supposed interest.”

He added: “The only time she has ever replied was when I sent my sympathy after one of her dogs had been killed by a Clarence House corgi.

“She then wrote six pages.”

The Queen has long been a champion of corgis after she received her first one, called Susan, for her 18th birthday in 1944.

Interior decorator David Hicks’ wife Pamela received the letter from the Queen following the death[/caption]

The Queen fell in love with the breed, and all her subsequent corgis can trace their lineage to Susan.

Since then more than 30 of Susan’s line have lapped up the kind of treatment normally reserved for a head of state.

They had their own room at Buckingham Palace, where they slept in wicker beds with the sheets changed daily.

Dinner was at 5pm prompt but there was no canned food in sight.

The Queen received her first corgis, called Susan, for her 18th birthday in 1944[/caption]

Instead, the diet of liver, chicken, rice and freshly caught rabbit, often from the royal estates, was prepared by chefs.

And it has emerged that bizarrely the beloved pets are fed in “order of seniority” and each has their own specially devised menu.

According to social anthropologist Kate Fox, Her Majesty, 93, loves corgis because they’re her “alter-egos” and act as her “inner child”.

At one time the Queen had 13 pooches running around the palace[/caption]

Although she became an expert in the breed over the years, she made the decision to stop breeding them five years ago.

Her Majesty is said to have feared tripping over them, and also worried about who would care for them if she was no longer able to herself.

In fact, when the Queen’s jeweller Harry Collins visited Buckingham Palace in 2000, he is said to have taken a tumble.

The Queen’s final corgi, Willow, died last year after she stopped breeding them in 2015.

The monarch still has two dogs – Vulcan and Candy – who are a cross-breed between one of her corgis and late sister Princess Margaret’s dachshund Pipkin.

We previously told you that she fed them her own secret-recipe gravy which was served to them by a footman on a silver tray.

The Queen’s ‘angered’ Prince Charles by ‘picking ticks off her corgis and throwing them in the fire’.

And Angela also revealed that the Queen only uses SIX of Buckingham Palace’s 775 rooms as she is ‘very modest’.

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