Destiny 2’s New Momentum Control PvP Mode Is Your Ticket To Every Pinnacle Weapon

Forbes 1 month ago
Destiny 2
Destiny 2

The student has become the master. Earlier this year, I convinced my buddy to give Destiny 2 a shot, and since then, he’s become an avid player and surprisingly, a PvP terror, heaving acquired almost every single pinnacle in existence with his final quest being Not Forgotten this season. Meanwhile, I’m over here still missing Luna’s and Redrix.

In any case, he informed me that the way he finished up a few key pinnacles including Mountaintop and (nearly) Randy’s was the new Crucible mode Destiny introduced this past week, Momentum Control. Bungie always plays around with new mods, but this one seems to be a true hit. Players are fast, TTK is way down, there’s no radar and the entire thing resembles Halo’s SWAT to a certain extent.

But in addition to being a lot of fun, it turns out that Momentum Control is excellent for finishing up certain pinnacle quests because of how it’s modified traditional PvP play.

Mountaintop: Heavy spawns all the time, meaning you can get your launcher loaded more frequently. You can use Fighting Lion to greater effect because it can much more easily one shot people with reduced TTK. No radar means you can flank enemy spawns and get those double-triple kills you need.

Revoker: I believe that most snipers are one hit kill in Momentum Control, even through body shots. That plus no radar equals a whole lot of sniper kills you would not normally be getting in a regular game if you are bad at sniping like I am.

Randy’s Throwing Knife: Again, most scouts are one hit kill headshots here because of reduced TTK. Trying to get Fighting Lion kills, I have been beaned by Jade Rabbit more times than I can count. This should make your Scout kills and medals go up way, way faster than any other mode.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

From what I can tell, these are the three pinnacles that benefit the most from Momentum Control. Luna’s and Not Forgotten still need Survival/Comp. Recluse mainly just needs you getting to Fabled Glory. Redrix could benefit I suppose but there are a zillion steps to that quest so it’s going to be long no matter what you do (five valor resets!).

But yeah, for those relatively recent PvP pinnacles, Momentum Control should help you make progress more than pretty much any other mode. I had all but given up on Mountaintop and Revoker because I really don’t like grenade launches or sniping in PvP on console, but it’s just so, so much easier there that I might actually have to go for them now.

A lot of people already seem to know this, hence why the mode is pretty much nothing but scouts, snipers and GLs, but I didn’t realize it until recently and I thought I’d share. Enjoy.

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