Mitt Romney's Grandson Trolls Him With Pierre Delecto Halloween Costume

HuffPost 1 month ago

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) is being teased by his family for his formerly secret Twitter lurker persona.

The onetime presidential candidate was recently exposed by Slate reporter Ashley Feinberg for operating a Twitter account under the name Pierre Delecto ― after Romney admitted, during an interview with The Atlantic, that he had a lurker profile for keeping tabs on political conversations.

By checking the limited number of accounts followed by the Pierre Delecto account ― which happened to include much of Romney’s offspring, former advisers and aides and reporters who covered his campaigns ― Feinberg was able to deduce that it was likely none other than the senator from Utah.

The profile also happened to tweet and like tweets that were pro-Romney and had liked quite a few tweets that called Trump’s fitness for office into question.

After the story broke, Romney, aka Delecto, confirmed to The Atlantic that it was true in just two words: “C’est moi.”

On Thursday, Romney’s grandson embraced the senator’s alter-ego by channeling it in his Halloween costume ― complete with curly mustache and beret:

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