‘Side with India and face our missiles’ – Pakistan’s minister for Kashmir issues stark warning to all friends of its enemy

RT 1 month ago

Speaking at a function on Monday, Minister Ali Amin Gandapur warned that Pakistan was willing to go to war over the contested territory. “If the tension with India escalates on the issue of Kashmir, Pakistan will be forced into a war,” he said.

Gandapur added that he regrets that the world has done nothing to resolve the issue and issued a stark warning to countries considering supporting India in the dispute.

“If one missile would be fired [by Pakistan] at India, the other would go to its supporter. They must get ready for it,” he warned, according to The News International’s Pakistan website.

Those standing with India on the Kashmir issue will have to face the consequences.

The minister later said in a TV interview that Pakistan would also even fire missiles at a Muslim country that backed its arch-enemy.

The inflammatory comments came as a delegation of Members of the European Parliament are visiting Jammu and Kashmir to take stock of the situation. The MEPs flew into the restive Himalayan region on Tuesday.

Tensions between India and Pakistan have been close to breaking point since August, when India revoked a constitutional provision that had granted Jammu and Kashmir autonomy over its internal administration. The nuclear-armed neighbors have fought three wars over the disputed territory since 1947.

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