Sleeping Octopus Changes Colors Over And Over In Spellbinding Video

HuffPost 1 month ago

This will octopi your mind.

On Monday, PBS published a hypnotizing clip from its upcoming documentary “Octopus: Making Contact,” which features a sleeping cephalopod changing her color multiple times.

Nature on PBS/YouTube

The video is even more fascinating thanks to the amusing narration from marine biologist David Scheel, who tries to guess what the octopus — named Heidi — was dreaming about based on her changes in color.

“Octopus: Making Contact,” which premieres on PBS on Oct. 2, centers on Scheel, a professor at Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage, and Heidi, the octopus he’s raised. In the documentary, Heidi demonstrates the ability to solve puzzles, use tools and escape through small spaces. She also seems to behave like a family pet, as she learns to recognize faces, shows excitement when humans come near her tank and exhibits an inclination to play with Scheel’s teenage daughter, Laurel.

You can check out the trailer here.

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