Hurricane Michael rips shingles off a roof in Panama City Beach

Miami Herald 5 days ago
Strong winds from Hurricane Michael rip shingles off a roof in Panama City Beach, Florida on Oct, 10, 2018.

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Hurricane Michael was upgraded to a "major" Category 3 storm Tuesday evening, with fierce winds and some strengthening still expected ahead of...
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Residents are filling sandbags and boarding up their homes as Hurricane Michael gained strength over warm waters and barrels toward Florida's...
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Powerful Hurricane Michael nears the Florida coast with expect landfall coming close to Panama City Beach. … Click to Continue »
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Waffle House – 'the restaurant that never closes' during natural disasters – closed a Panama City Beach location ahead of Hurricane Michael.  
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While many left Panama City Beach for higher ground, a stern few stayed behind to weather Hurricane Michael, expected to be a Category 4 storm that...
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Hurricane Michael is bearing down on the Florida Panhandle with frightening fury.The Category 2 storm is packing winds of more than 110 mph and is...
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Hurricane Michael, still a Category 1 hurricane with 90 mph sustained winds, continued to move north northwest at 12 mph about 420 miles south of...
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