Google claims quantum computer completed 10,000-year task in 200 seconds

CBS News 1 month ago

Google said it has achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing research, saying an experimental quantum processor has completed a calculation in just a few minutes that would take a traditional supercomputer thousands of years.

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The Week › 1 month ago
Google just announced a major computing breakthrough. The company on Wednesday said it has achieved “quantum supremacy," meaning getting a quantum computer to perform a task not possible with a classical computer, The New York Times reports...
The Sun › Technology › 1 month ago
GOOGLE says it has developed a quantum computer billions of times faster than any other technology. The US giant claims it took 200 seconds to carry out a task that would have taken a supercomputer around 10,000 years. Experts called it a...
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When Google researchers published a paper boasting it reached "quantum supremacy," the reaction was not entirely celebratory. Google researchers said their quantum computer solved a problem in 200 seconds, while it would take a powerful supercomputer...
The Independent › Lifestyle › 2 months ago
Quantum computer completed task in 200 seconds, which would take state-of-the-art supercomputer 10,000 years to perform
New York Daily News › 1 month ago
Google has managed to cut calculation time to 200 seconds from what it says would take a traditional computer 10,000 years to do.
RT › 1 month ago
Google has claimed the mantle of ‘quantum supremacy’ after its 53-bit quantum computer named Sycamore took just 200 seconds to perform a calculation that would have taken the world's top supercomputer 10,000 years to crack. Read Full Article at
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In October, a group of Google-based researchers confirmed early reports that the company had achieved so-called “quantum supremacy” by using a quantum computer to solve a task considered impossible for conventional machines. Now Russia is set to...
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In October, a team of Google-based researchers confirmed that the company had achieved so-called “quantum supremacy” by using a quantum computer to resolve a task which was considered impossible for conventional machines.
Evening Standard › Technology › 1 month ago
Quantum supremacy is when a quantum computer can do something a conventional computer could never manage
CNN › Technology › 1 month ago
Google claims it has designed a machine that needs only 200 seconds to solve a problem that would take the world's fastest supercomputer 10,000 years to figure out.
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