Soap actress ‘begs for return of kids online after losing custody battle with husband’

The Sun 12 days ago

A MYSTERY soap star has broken down about losing her children in a custody battle.

The actress - who cannot be named for legal reasons - allegedly launched a furious online rant about her husband after losing custody of their children to him.

 The unidentified soap star is said to be devastated (file picture)



The unidentified soap star is said to be devastated (file picture)

According to the Daily Star, the mystery woman posted a string of hastily deleted messages.

In them she accused her husband of being addicted to pornography.

She also admitted she had "messed up her personal life" in the now-deleted messages where she also said not having her children living with her had broken her heart.

The newspaper claims she said she was "so sad she had lost the children to her husband".

 The soap star's identity cannot be revealed (file picture)

Getty - Contributor


The soap star's identity cannot be revealed (file picture)

One message quoted by the newspaper reads: "It breaks my heart so much. No mother deserves this punishment. I've messed up I admit but I don't deserve to lose [them]."

Another adds: "I hope your [sic] happy. I hate your guts."

The actress was reportedly supported by a friend online and replied telling them: "Thanks darlin. I’m heartbroken.

"How sad I met a guy who looked at this stuff all our married life. You knock me sick."

A source told the newspaper: "It’s just heartbreaking.

"Many people in the business had no idea of what she was going through.

“But she has a lot of friends who are rallying round her. Hopefully, in time this can be resolved."

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